Hello. My name is Anouk, welcome to my website!


I am an Industrial Design Engineer, a field which I enjoy for its balance between theory and practice. In such a way, I can combine my interest for the human mind with hours spent in the workshop. Being raised between two cultures myself, I am particularly fascinated by socio-cultural differences which I have explored in my studies through classes on psychology, sociology, social design and neurocognition.

Next to being a motivated student, my inherent curiosity has always pushed me to keep looking past the University bubble. By regularly visiting a diverse range of workshops, lectures and symposiums, I like to keep in mind the global challenges of our present and future world, which is what I aspire to design for. The collection of inspiring experiences and insights this has brought me is what helps me combine insights across various fields and makes me competent at what I like most: ideation and problem solving. I am a genuinely enthusiastic individual who has a lot of experience with teamwork and who doesn’t think about projects only within set hours, simply because I usually enjoy spending time on what I do.

Current undertaking: Reading Ethics in the Real World, by Peter Singer.